We create lasting change for Pottawatomie county.

We believe in the power of our community to create lasting change. We provide tools, guidance, and support for existing nonprofits in our community to do more good. We maintain relationships with our partner agencies and community partners to ensure short-term relief and long-term solutions in our community. By setting goals for our community we lead the way to lasting change with a focus on the areas of education, income, and health.


We invest in programs that work.

We provide grants to the best existing community programs in education, income and health. Our partners are innovating and impacting their community with their individual programs; it is our goal to unite these organizations to achieve shared goals in Pottawatomie County.


We provide programs that:


We inspire action.

We mobilize volunteers, spur business participation and make the public and lawmakers drive action around education, income, and health in our community. We unite people from all walks of life and inspire them to join us in making a difference.